What’s Behind Most Estate Planning Disputes?

If you’re planning to put together your Michigan estate plan, your primary goal is probably to make it easier for your loved ones to move on after you pass away. However, the majority of conflicts and costs actual take place before you’ve passed. Proper planning can vastly improve your chances of avoiding conflict amongst your family and beneficiaries in the future.GettyImages 1163915023

Some common estate planning disputes in Michigan which emerge during the life of the estate planning creator include sudden incapacitation or disability. Estate planning disputes in Michigan can also emerge when the plan is executed after the creator has passed away. These disputes typically involve arguments over property distribution, conflicts related to the validity of the estate and the Will, disagreements with the estate administrator or executor, and allegations that somebody who was not listed in the estate planning documents should have been included.

While it’s impossible to anticipate every possible conflict that may arise, several common estate planning disputes can be avoided by consulting with an experienced estate planning lawyer. At the very minimum, a decedent’s Trust should cover the way in which the estate plan will be executed. However, there are many additional aspects of estate planning that must be carefully considered in light of the family issues that may arise during these difficult times. Schedule a consultation with a Michigan estate planning attorney to understand how you can minimize your chances of estate planning disputes.




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