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Estate Planning Lawyer In Bloomfield Hills

Asset protection and estate planning are important parts of life to have before and after the passing of a loved one. Having a well-designed estate plan enables financial and medical decisions to be made on the behalf of a trusted person. If you need to start your estate planning, our team is here to assist you in getting started. It's best to have one set up in advance to make sure your intentions are carried out as planned.

Benefits of having an estate plan include:

- Protecting your assets from lawsuits, creditors, and other threats

- Protects inheritances

- Reduces tax on the estate, gifts, and income

- Division of assets to whom you want in the manner you want

- Ensure your children are raised in the way you intended them

If you have any questions or need to speak with one of our estate planning experts in Bloomfield Hills, MI, do not wait. Call the Rutkowski Law Firm and let us help build your estate plan and keep your assets safe today.
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Elder Law Firm & Asset Protection Serving Bloomfield Hills

Here at the Rutkowski Law Firm, we know how much our clients have worked their entire lives to earn what they have. Our job is to ensure their assets are protected from creditors, lawsuits, and/or any other threats. Our asset protection lawyers & elder lawyers are here to assist you in building the best protection plan for your assets. We build a plan based upon your wishes to reduce the tax burden on any inheritance, and to be sure the person you select to be in charge of carrying out your wishes is in charge of your estate, both for financial well-being and medical. If you need assistance with your asset protection contact our attorneys at Rutkowski Law Firm in Bloomfield Hills at (248) 927-2930.
Bloomfield Hills Asset Protection Lawyers

Medicaid Planning Attorneys

Long-term care planning, also known as Medicaid planning primary focus is to create a plan for the future of financial and medical well-being while you are still able to make decisions on your own. This plan is created encase you become incapacitated or disabled, preventing others to make decisions for you. By creating your long-term care plan before you need it prevents family issues like being forced to petition in court to get control of certain assets. With our long-term care plan, you can be sure your wishes are carried out as intended. Reach out to our Medicaid planning lawyers at Rutkowski Law Firm to build your long-term care plan in Bloomfield Hills today!
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Probate Attorneys In Bloomfield Hills

Our probate lawyers at Rutkowski Law Firm are here to make sure your assets are properly distributed if no will was left behind. Our lawyers are here to help you understand what you are able to receive after a loved one passes. Our attorney are here to handle the process of estate administration after a person dies, making the process easier for you. If you are in the Bloomfield Hills area and need a probate lawyer call our team today, we'd be happy to help you.
Probate Lawyers in Bloomfield Hills

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Client Testimonials

  •  I first met Mike Rutkowski when my mom needed to update her estate plan, Will and establish a “Living Trust”. In the year that followed, Mike provided us with continuous support through challenges in Probate Court by mom’s family and subsequent revisions to mom’s estate plan and Will. Since mom’s passing, Mike has continued to give me great support as the Trustee of her estate. Recently, I chose Mike’s firm to set up my own Will and Trust. Rutkowski Law Firm and its staff have been a constant support to me at every step of the process. I would recommend Rutkowski Law Firm to any and every one for issues related to Wills, Trusts, Probate, etc. Definitely a reputable firm to trust with your life planning. I give my highest recommendation to this firm for their honesty, integrity and reliability.

    C. Wade – Waterford, Michigan

    Honesty, Integrity, & Reliability

  •  After procrastinating for many years I finally decided to get my will and trust done. I expected it to be a lengthy and cumbersome process but I was pleasantly surprised! I chose Rutkowski Law Firm because I saw an ad in the local paper and they were convenient to where I lived. What I got was “white glove” treatment, a very professional and friendly staff, and most importantly, immediate response to all my questions and concerns. I worked with Michael Rutkowski and Trisha Harris—a great team! Without hesitation I would recommend them to anyone looking to get their “affairs in order”.

    S. Reno – Birmingham, Michigan

    White Glove Treatment at Rutkowski Law Firm

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