What Can a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Probate Attorney Assist You With?

The process through which a court identifies, values, locates, and distributes a deceased person’s assets in Bloomfield Hills is commonly known as “probate.” This can be an expensive and drawn out process if the person who has passed away did not have appropriate estate planning procedures in place.

GettyImages 155039759After losing a loved one, a family member who is grieving may find it overwhelming to manage the legal aspects associated with their loved one’s probate estate. An experienced Bloomfield Hills, Michigan probate attorney can assist you with navigating through this process and answering many of the questions that might emerge if you are serving in a role associated with probate administration.

It is important to keep in mind that if a probate estate in Bloomfield Hills is mismanaged, an administrator or an executor of that estate could be exposed to personal liability. To avoid this risk, a knowledgeable Bloomfield Hills, Michigan probate lawyer will guide you through this, sometimes extensive, process.

Some of the specific services that a probate attorney in Bloomfield Hills can assist you with include:

  • Handling claims that are made against the probate estate
  • Ensuring that all expenses and court fees associated with the probate estate are paid in a timely fashion
  • Filing and preparing all required probate court documents such as inventories, wills, reports, and accountings
  • Notifying interested parties about the death and other important actions taken in the probate matter
  • Representing the heir of a decedent who passes away without a will
  • Managing will contests and other probate litigation

There are various reasons why you should consider hiring a Bloomfield Hills probate lawyer. Most importantly, having a probate attorney on your side will provide you with a better chance of family harmony, efficiency throughout the probate administration process, and reduced personal liability. Schedule a consultation with a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan probate planning lawyer today to discuss your options.




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