Rutkowski Law Firm Sponsors Interactive Senior Panel on Elder Law and Finance

ROCHESTER, Michigan - Elder Law Attorney Michael Rutkowski, Founder of Rutkowski Law Firm: Asset Protection & Estate Planning, participated in an interactive panel hosted by Navigate Home on June 7. During the event, Rutkowski and an assortment of experts in various fields offered valuable information to seniors and their children about financial planning, estate planning, how to protect their assets if they transition into a care facility, and the resources available to them if considering a care facility. As they enjoyed wine and charcuterie at the complimentary event, attendees asked questions and received answers from the expert panel.

“My passion is helping people,” says Rutkowski. “For the past decade, I have used my legal knowledge and experience to protect my senior clients’ hard-earned life savings from the significant expense of long-term care. It’s my pleasure to sponsor and participate in events like the Navigate Home panel to let seniors know about their options and answer any questions they may have. I’m thankful to Navigate Home and everyone who helped organize this successful event and look forward to participating in many more.”

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About Rutkowski Law Firm: Asset Protection & Estate Planning

At the Rutkowski Law Firm, we specialize in estate planning, asset protection, Medicaid planning, elder law, and closely related practice areas. This involves helping our clients find answers to difficult questions, the kind of questions that keep them up at night, such as:

  • If my spouse needs nursing home care, how will we pay for it? Are we eligible for assistance from Medicaid?
  • How can I protect my assets and those I leave to my children against taxes, creditors, divorce, and other potential threats?
  • If something terrible happens to my husband and me, how can we be sure our children will be raised properly?
  • How can I ensure that people I trust will have the authority to make financial and medical decisions for me if I become incapacitated?
  • How can I ensure my assets will go to the people I want to receive them after passing away?
  • What is the VA Aid & Attendance Pension Program? Am I eligible for it?
  • How can I ensure my special-needs child receives proper care when I can no longer provide it myself?
  • What is involved in settling my mom or dad’s estate? How do I administer their trust?

If you worry about issues like these, we can help you find solutions. And in the process, you will also find the peace of mind that comes from having a plan in place for the future. Call us to schedule a virtual consultation at (248) 792-9193.

Navigate Home Event

About Navigate Home

Attending school prepares us for further education, but living life doesn’t always prepare us for the challenges of aging. Especially if we find ourselves suddenly helping a struggling loved one. Many of us find ourselves in a new caregiving role, without knowledge or resources, while maintaining our current roles as providers, parents, or other responsibilities. We find ourselves in uncharted territory, overwhelmed, and possibly, in a crisis.

At Navigate Home, we have assembled a team of vetted professionals who will lock arms with families to help sort through decisions. We offer trusted, local resources, valuable education, and advocacy for loved ones. Together with you, we develop a roadmap to safely navigate through this new journey. Our team walks along with families. Together, we help sort through decisions, offer trusted resources and valuable education, and advocate for loved ones.

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