How to Avoid Medicaid Planning Mistakes

One of the most important things you can do for your own future is to hire an experienced Medicaid planner to help you look ahead. While you might have had a family experience with Medicaid and getting a loved one qualified, each state has their own recognized rules that must be followed. GettyImages 1072720128

Medicaid planning can be a confusing application process, with many myths that could hold you or your loved ones back from getting the help you need. Some of the most common challenges people face include:

  • Thinking Medicaid is only accepted at low quality nursing care facilities when in reality nearly all nursing homes accept Medicaid
  • Believing that it’s too late to plan and trying to accomplish the Michigan Medicaid application on your own
  • Giving away your assets too early and forgetting to talk strategies that, if ignored, could put your own security at risk
  • Not taking full advantage of the protections afforded to a spouse of a loved one who has been put into a nursing home
  • Applying for Michigan Medicaid too early when the eligibility requirements have not yet been met, which can cause a longer ineligibility period in some cases
  • Confusion about the difference between estate recovery and the lifetime liens on property, including lack of understanding about what kinds of exemptions might apply

Applying for Medicaid does not have to be overwhelming. If your family is interested in protecting both spouses through proper Medicaid planning, speaking with a Michigan Medicaid planning attorney today could help you learn more.


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