Could You Benefit from a Lifetime Maintenance Program?

If you are looking ahead with your estate planning, you know it’s not a one-and-done project. Your estate plan evolves as your life does, but it can be hard to keep up with all aspects of your planning when you have a busy career, family schedule, and life.GettyImages 1053213104

That’s exactly why our office created the Lifetime Maintenance Program. Having worked with so many estate planning clients in Michigan, we know just how much these seemingly small details can cause issues in your estate plan if it’s not regularly reviewed. Imagine, for example, that you forget to include a new grandchild in your will or that you fail to update estate planning documents after getting divorced.

These issues could have far-reaching repercussions. A lifetime maintenance program helps you get peace of mind about your future and it includes many of the most important aspects of planning for your estate.

When you opt in to the Lifetime Maintenance Program with our Michigan estate planning office, you get a funding review and Power of Attorney restatement every two years, an annual review of your existing estate plan, updates based on changing tax and legal requirements, annual updates for beneficiary or trustee appointment changes, invitations to special events and annual advisor meetings, free calls to discuss aspects of your estate plan, and access to our existing network of other professionals like CPAs to help you achieve your individual goals.

You should never have to worry about whether your estate plan is working for you. With our Lifetime Maintenance Program, feel confident that your estate plan is always aligned with the current legal climate and your individual needs. Let us do the heavy lifting and keep your estate plan ready for anything.

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