Beer or Wine?

Beer Or Wine 1Beer or Wine ? - Authored by:  Collin D. Dickey

We all have preferences when it comes to the things we enjoy in our day-to-day lives. Perhaps you like to have a beer in the evening, or maybe you like a glass of wine with dinner. Maybe you like your coffee or tea prepared a certain way at a certain time. But have you ever thought about whether you can continue to enjoy these preferences as you grow older and require daily care? While a Health Care Power of Attorney allows you to designate someone to make medical decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so, a Personal Care Plan allows you to tailor your daily care in ways that get “a little more personal.”

A Personal Care Plan is an estate planning tool that allows you to spell out the things you enjoy now, and have those things continue throughout your life, even if at some point in time, you cannot articulate this to your loved ones or care givers. For example, if you are in an assisted living facility or have in-home care, your care givers may be given instructions pursuant to your Personal Care Plan regarding what you prefer to eat or drink. They may also have instructions regarding your level of activity, such as being outside during a certain time of the day, taking outings to restaurants each week, watching certain television shows regularly, having certain visitors, or practicing certain religious beliefs. A Personal Care Plan may not address the absolute necessities for your health and well-being, but such a plan is a great avenue for you to communicate the things you enjoy in life, so that those things can continue when you may not be able to express your wishes.

Creating a Personal Care Plan now is just as important as the other aspects of your comprehensive Estate Plan. Come see us to create your Personal Care Plan now, so that you can always enjoy that beer or wine.

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