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MARCH 2021
How to Avoid Medicaid Planning Mistakes
Financial insights
One of the most important
things you can do for your own
future is to hire an experienced
Medicaid planner to help you
look ahead. While you might
have had a family experience
with Medicaid and getting a
loved one qualified, each state
has their own recognized rules
that must be followed and
Michigan is no exception.
Medicaid planning can be a
confusing application, with
many myths that could hold
you or your loved ones back
from getting the help you need.
Some of the most common
challenges people face include:
Thinking Medicaid is only
accepted at low quality nursing
care facilities when in reality
many nursing homes accept
Believing that it’s too late to
plan and trying to complete the
Michigan Medicaid application
on your own
Giving away your assets too
early and forgetting to talk
strategies that, if ignored, could
put your own security at risk
Not taking full advantage of
the protections afforded to a
spouse of a loved one who has
been put into a nursing home
Applying for Michigan
Medicaid too early when the
eligibility requirements have not
yet been met, which can cause a
longer ineligibility period in
some cases
Confusion about the dierence
between estate recovery and
the lifetime liens on property,
including lack of understanding
about what kinds of exemptions
might apply
Applying for Medicaid does not
have to be overwhelming. If your
family is interested in protecting
both spouses through proper
Medicaid planning, speaking
with one of our attorneys
could help you plan for the
uncertainties of the future.
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Is Your Estate Plan Due for a Review?
estate planning insights
If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions,
then it’s time for a review of your estate plan.
In addition, changes in tax laws, inheritances,
employment, educational needs and state-to
-state relocation may warrant an update to
your estate plan.
Have you had a birth, death,
marriage or divorce in your
Do you or your spouse have
any new, significant health
issues that may involve
long-term care which can incur
significant medical expenses?
Have your recently retired or are planning
on retiring soon?
Has your family business evolved?
Have you seen a significant fluctuation
(plus or minus 20%) in your total estate since
it was created?
Do you want to add a charitable donation to
your estate plan which may provide immediate
or long-term tax benefits?
Do you have any new assets like investment
accounts, property or life insurance policies
that need to be funded to your Trust?
let us help you with your estate planning 1-800-estates (1-800-378-2837) BloomField hills • macomB • rochester
The Rutkowski Report March 2021
Congratulations Attorney
Kendra Rozboril!
We are so excited to share that Attorney Kendra
Rozboril is now an ocial Certified Medicaid
Planner™! She specializes in helping families
plan for themselves or a loved one's Medicaid
eligibility at long-term care homes. The
Medicaid system is one of the most complex
government benefits systems created, and
people often have to navigate it while dealing
with a personal hardship or a loved one’s
poor health. Kendra has mastered navigating
the system and stays abreast of the frequent
changes in Medicaid rules. In fact, she is the
ONLY Certified Medicaid Planner within the
entire east side of the State of Michigan.
Please join us in congratulating Kendra!