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MAY 2021
Leaving a Legacy for the Living
EstatE Planning insights
In planning for age, incapacity
and one’s passing, it is essential
that your legal documents such
as a Trust, Will and Powers of
Attorney be in place so that your
wishes are carried out properly
and with the appropriate au-
thority. But having these legal
documents in place is not where
your estate planning process in
Michigan must end. Your estate
planning can and should do more
in terms of leaving a solid legacy
for the living.
The loss of a family member is
of course a grief-filled life event.
This grief may be compounded
when loved ones left behind face
diculties in determining who
will be responsible for moving
the estate forward or are left with
confusion over what the de-
ceased had intended to happen
with his or her assets.
In the wake of such a loss, survi-
vors should have access to some
basic information about what
a decedent wished to happen
beyond his or her Trust. These
wishes can be communicated
through a “personal summary.
Your personal summary is your
chance to share more about your
values, your vision, and what you
hope your loved ones will carry
forward into the next generation.
Your personal summary is not a
legal document like your Trust,
but it gives you an additional
opportunity to capture your
thoughts and intentions and
communicate those to your
family members.
Another tool that can be used
to communicate with your loved
ones may involve a video
memory recording, used to pass
stories on to your loved ones.
Video memory recordings, while
not necessary for legal aspects
of estate planning, are tools that
will certainly be cherished by
loved ones left behind.
While your Trust does the heavy
lifting of keeping things out of
probate, protecting your ben-
eficiaries and explaining who
should step in to manage your
estate, other tools like a personal
summary can be helpful for the
immediate tasks your family must
undertake after you pass away.
Moreover, a video memory re-
cording can communicate mem-
ories to your family after you are
For more insight on a compre-
hensive estate plan and how we
can protect your hard-earned as-
sets, contact our oce to discuss
your next steps.
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Moving into a Senior Community
During a Pandemic
Making the decision to move your loved one into
assisted living or memory care during the best of times
can be hard, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are faced
with more questions and concerns. The idea of moving
a loved one into a community where you do not know
if you will be able to visit them, the quality of the care
they are receiving, the possibility of them ending up
sick with the virus, the list goes on and on. These
questions are at the top of our minds when faced with
the challenge of making the decision on what to do
with a loved one. It is a dicult decision to move a
loved one into any kind of senior living scenario. Most
of us have promised our parents or significant other
at some point that “I will never move you out of your
home” or “I will never move you somewhere to have
someone else take care of you”. The reality is, 72% of
people turning 65 today will require a long-term care
stay of some kind in their lifetime and, for their safety
and wellbeing, we may not be able to keep the promise
of keeping them at home. We need to stop and ask
ourselves, is keeping our loved one at home really
the best for their quality of life? Many times, family
caregivers are only available for a few hours a day,
how can they be sure their loved one is taking their
medications as prescribed by their physician, getting
the help and assistance they need, are not lonely and
depressed, and eating nutritious meals?
Senior living communities across the United States
have had a major facelift on their protocols over the
last 15 months. Protocols that not only focus on
the physical health of their residents, but also their
emotional wellbeing. All these were designed with
one focus, and that is to keep their residents safe
and healthy. Isn’t that what we all want for our loved
ones, for them to be safe and healthy? In assisted
living and memory care communities, sta is on duty
24-hours a day, seven days a week to assist residents
with their scheduled and unscheduled needs. The
stang is consistent, so the residents become familiar
and comfortable with the caregivers with whom they
As research indicates, social isolation can lead to a
decline in cognitive health and depression – what
opportunities for social interaction are available for an
older adult who is living at home or isolated for most
of the day? At a community, the residents can engage
in safe social, recreational and wellness activities while
practicing social distancing. Sta can lead social-
distance exercise and activities for their residents all
while providing quality care whenever it is needed.
This includes priority access to 3 nutritious meals a
day, medication management, and health & wellness
services, such as regular visits from a physician, 24/7.
When considering a senior community, make sure
to ask what their current protocols are regarding
visitation. These are constantly changing to comply
with local and state guidelines. Working with the
community’s sta prior to making a move will ensure
that your loved one is somewhere that will work for not
only them, but also for you. It is time to stop being the
caregiver and get back to being the son, daughter, or
spouse so that you and your loved one’s quality of life
can improve.
The Rutkowski Report May 2021
Guest Writer:
Jamie Smith, CDP
Sales Director
Blossom Springs Senior
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